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My Darkroom

                                       My Before and Afters

Editing is a similar process to the darkroom, just digital. I have developed images in a dark room and I prefer Photo Shop, it is more precise and I can be more creative with out the mess and expense of chemicals. I have created this page as a way to show other photographers my personal work flow, and before and afters. I use Florabella actions, these actions help to enhance my work and give my images a dreamy quality that I love.

This page is always a work in progress as I add images and tell about them. Please check back as I update weekly. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks!

I will be putting in the roll over image feature for my before & afters! So stay tuned! I will feature all the Florabella actions, and my tweeking in these images. I hope to acquire more actions in 2011.

Florabella Luxe Actions ~ Starlet Layers tweeked, and warm up and warm up highlights by Childs Play

Florabella Luxe Actions ~ Ambrosia + Warm up by Childs Play. Ambrosia is a great warming action that is so close to my own basic edit, so I tend to rely on ambrosia for fast simple editing with little tweeking. Some times, like in this case, ambrosia really makes a statement by softening the colors and skin tones. I always increase the color wash layer to 35-50, depends on the coolness of the orig. image. I also will lower the center fill light & lighten because I do a lot of my lightening prior to using an action. So my 1st steps are Levels & Color Curves and that works great!

The original image shot in complete shade. I knew I could have the white blanket help to reflect needed light into the eyes, and luckily it worked very well! I will provide my camera settings, I need to look them up.