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My Daughter at Dunbarton Pond

Click on the Post title to go to the page that covers all kinds of ways to sharpen eyes.

Marek Fogiel says:
"I tend to do another thing, although this works best in B&W - instead of local sharpening, I boost the local contrast of the irises ( - you select the outlines with the magnetic lazo, and pull up the contrast), and this way you get a sharper look without actually pulling out the grain (noise).This is just a self tought trick, not a sophisticated technique."

The top photo was coverted to Sepia & the opacity was brought to 35, and then to 22.

The middle photo is the top photo cropped. The more I crop the more beautiful she becomes.

The bottom photo I sharpened the eyes with Mereks technique & I also did a little white balance enhancement. To do that ( Ctrl + L) and the window will pop up. Select the eyedropper that is white and left click your mouse and play with the lighting.

I really like this technique! I was using the laso & sharpening by simply clicking auto sharpen & it worked well at first but suddenly I have been getting the "Andy Warhol" eyes. So that is why I researched other quick methods. And this is super quick & easy! Thanks Marek!