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Empower Personal Training: 2nd Photo Shoot!

These are my favorite photos. I found shooting indoors at 12noon quite a challenge. Every one was too back lit and I avoided using my pop up flash for 95% of all the photos. I tried slowing down the shutter speed to get more light but found that to be very challenging not to get any blur from minimal motion. I don't have a professional flash yet, so I really depend on outdoor light & shooting outdoors. My favorite of all the photos is the Boxer, Matt. He has so much character in his face. But there is no denying Jessica's beautiful eyes! And check out her arms!
The trainers at Empower are really amazing athletes! They are really inspiring. Take a look at that sled. How cool is that?! Matt hooked me up with that sled today and I did two lengths of the gym and felt great doing something new! My HR must have been about 180! I haven't been this unfit ever! Working as a trainer with such accomplished trainers is going to be really motivating for me to get strong again and be totally fabulous at 40. Yay! Empower really sets a high standard for their trainers and I am proud to be a part of such a great bunch of people!