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Spence's Farm, Chapel Hill N.C: Manual Mode

The B&W:
4.0 Ap. &
1/40 speed.

The color
3.5 Ap.
1/15 speed.

Yesterday we went to the Harvest Fest at Spence's farm. I had great plans of getting beautiful Autumn photographs of Amelya. She was having a
blast running around as I volunteered. She came back to me with her face painted white with blood red lips. She said, "I'm a vampire mom!" so proud of herself. I realized that my dream photos will have to be more "realistic" photos. Later she saw her vampire face & hated it so she washed it off the best she could & later asked to get a rainbow & clouds, she is truly a natural hippy child. The day was overcast so it was perfect for evenly lit shots. I was using manual mode and had to slow down my shutter speed to 1/15 for all of these photos. Since I only have the kit lens that my Canon Rebel came with that seems to be my only option since my aperture only goes to 3.5 for this setting. The big problem is that Amelya needs to be perfectly still for the photo not to blur. Taking photos of kids & telling them to freeze just seems cruel! Ha!