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My NEW 50mm 1/8 Lens! First Time Using It!

As you may suspect Amelya is not always as cooperative as she looks in photos. I had to bribe her with baking cookies to take her photo so I could try out my new lens. She has a cold and I can tell how sleepy she looks in most of the photos. These are some of my favs. She would not stop moving, singing and playing with leaves and sticks. I think that is how she copes with having a mom that loves to photograph her daily. She will thank me when she is older. Ha!I have my fist 2 family photoshoots this weekend. I am really excited to use my new lens. I am excited to photograph blue eyes and can't wait to see how clear and beautiful they look!
I bought my camera in mid September and I have learned so much from taking out the whole library collection on all things photography. The books I have read (about 40) have really helped me to understand my camera and the work flow of post editing. I see how important it is to do editing in a certain sequence to avoid creating artifacts in my images. I also save all originals in JPG & PSD & RAW. I need to figure out storage on my computer and need to start to save images for the web. I only realized how to save a "smaller" image this evening. There is so much to know, and I am getting it a peace at a time. It is so fun figuring it all out. By the way, I used "unsharp mask" last and then saved my image. My usual settings are about: Amount 200, Radius 3, Threshhold 5. Today I shot these photos at about 4:15pm. ISO 100, Ap. 2.8 for the most part, 1/125 speed. The top photo I really like, even though the focus is above the eye, I find it to have an angelic dreamy quality. The reviews were right about this lens! Wow, look at her eyes! You can see me in her eyes! Sooo cool.