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Thanks Giving Photo Shoot Day 1

The Monzo sisters are so funny and loving toward each other! They were constantly moving and that can be a challenging trying to get pictures in focus. But I managed to capture there pure joy. I think they were so excited to wear their matching dresses & wear flowers in their hair. It was a special day and the younger sister was bursting with energy and enthusiasm!

Carmen and her kids were wonderful. It was a very cold and windy day and everyone was freezing. Even in the freezing cold they were happy to smile pretty. Especially her older son who happened to bring his guitar along. I loved that he happened to have it in the car! He looks like a rock star!

These photo shoots concluded a total of 4 that I have done as a "professional photographer. The next day I would have 5 more photo shoots. And one of them was made up 3 families! That was great practice. And great fun!