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A Snowy Photo Shoot & A Note On Post Editing

Here are some photos of my daughter enjoying a rare snow. These are a good example of the subtleties of post editing. Post editing is the digital darkroom, I apply all the same effects that I would in a darkroom. When photographing in the shade images typically have a blue color tone. I prefer warm tones so I play with the color variations to warm them up. It is truly amazing how tones impact an image! I love the high key effect I get in snow, it is really peaceful. It takes me anywhere from 10 sec to 2 minutes to edit an image. It depends how detailed I get. When photographing a child's skin I rarely retouch since children are usually flawless. I will post more photos, along with the originals so you can see what goes into the post editing process. THE ORIGINAL IMAGE: Notice how blue/cool it is. THE ENHANCED IMAGE: So much warmer! Look at those blonde highlights! THE ORIGINAL: Great Exposure, but a little cool and flat since it is in the shade. This image is cropped to bring it closer. I decreased the blue tone and did not add red. So you can see that it is warmer then the original, but not as warm as the image above. The image above I added red & decreased the blue. THE ORIGINAL: I love the original too!