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Impromtu Photos at Thanks giving ~ My niece

Some photos convert really well into BW images. I love color, and she is so beautiful and her hair is very colorful, but I liked the way the BW conversion softened her look. To me she is a very soft, sweet young girl, but as a teenager she sees herself differently. These photos are what I see. I see her softness and vulnerability.

My BW process. All of these photos are "scenic landscape". So instead of going with the traditional "portrait" look, I changed it to scenic landscape to get the lighter skin, to create that more soft angelic look. I then went to "Enhance".. "Color Variations" and increased RED & Decreased Blue. I would play around until I liked my result. I prefer this method to converting to sepia because I feel it give me more control and a brighter finish. I am curious to get the free actions on to see if I get the same or better result by pressing just 1 key. I will do that once I upgrade to PSE 8.